10 things you can do to prepare for school reopening
  • May 23, 2023

10 things you can do to prepare for school reopening

As schools prepare to reopen after a long break, it's essential to ensure that your child is ready for the transition. Whether your child is starting a new school or returning to their old one, here are ten things you can do to prepare for school reopening:

1. Review school policies: Familiarize yourself with the school's policies and procedures. This includes information about arrival and dismissal times, attendance, dress code, and other rules that may impact your child.

2. Get organized: Create a schedule for your child that includes time for homework, extracurricular activities, and other commitments. This will help them transition back into a routine and prepare for a structured school day.

3. Check school supplies: Make a list of school supplies your child needs and ensure that they have everything they need. This includes items like backpacks, notebooks, pencils, and other essentials.

4. Practice healthy habits: Encourage your child to practice healthy habits, such as getting enough sleep, eating a nutritious diet, and staying active. This will help them stay alert and focused throughout the day.

5. Plan transportation: Determine how your child will get to school and back home. If your child takes the bus, find out what the bus route is and when it arrives. If you drive your child to school, plan your route and schedule to ensure that you arrive on time.

6. Prepare emotionally: Returning to school after a long break can be stressful for some children. Talk to your child about their feelings and offer support and reassurance.

7. Attend school events: Attend school events and meetings, such as orientation or back-to-school meetings. This will give you an opportunity to meet teachers, staff, and other parents and get a sense of the school's community.

8. Get involved: Consider volunteering or getting involved in your child's school community. This can help you stay informed about what's happening at school and give you a sense of control.

9. Set academic goals: Work with your child to set academic goals for the year. This will help them stay motivated and focused on their studies.

10. Stay positive: Finally, stay positive and encourage your child to stay positive as well. School can be challenging, but with the right mindset and support, your child can succeed and thrive.

By taking these steps, you can help ensure that your child is ready for school reopening. Remember, preparation, organization, and communication are key to a successful transition back to school.