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The child has one intuitive aim: self development

Healthy Summer…Healthy Children…

How to protect your child in summer season?


Knock..Knock…Summer is here…..Welcome Summer….


After a long academic year, summer is the season for most of the children waits. So they can be at home, play their games, can go to their grandparent’s home to meet them and most relaxing no homework to do. This is also a season in which children spend most of their time with parents.

Every child’s mind is like unbaked clay which will be moulded to the shape given by their parents and surroundings. Hence it is very crucial to give more attention at this period of their growth.

Here is how you can protect your child while enjoying the summer season with them.

Become a Sun Savvy parents:

Direct sunlight exposure during childhood and adolescence increase the risk of melanoma. So it is prominent to avoid direct sun exposure by doing followings:

Choice of clothing: Clothing for summer should be completely changed by covering them with full sleeves. Choose light shades over dark coloured clothing to avoid the heat caused by sun.



Use sun protection creams or lotions: Apply sun protection cream on your child’s body before sending out for play. Need to apply gently at least for 5-10 minutes so that it can be absorbed into their soft skin before sun exposure.

Opt for early morning play: Always plan for early morning play to avoid peak sunny hours ( 10.am to 4.pm). After early morning play, the children feel energetic and they can use their brain in indoor games by most creative ways.



Regularly check for weather conditions: Daily look for UV index on websites like www.weather.com before planning any outdoor activities. These websites provide information about the intensity of the sunlight based on sun positions on a daily basis.

Beware of bugs or insects: Unfortunately, blood-sucking critters like mosquitoes are a part of summer nights and days as well. There is a need for a regular check of places where water clogging happens inside and outside the house. Some kids react to insect bite more than others, if this happens to your kid then immediately seek for physician attention without delay.

Prevent your child from being dehydrated: As in summer body absorbs more and more water due to hot weather outside. To prevent from this ensure your child drinks at least 1-1.5 litre water per day that comes to approximately 5-7 glasses a day. Always ensure that they have their water bottle with them if they are away from you playing in the ground.



Encourage more for indoor games: In the summer season, parents should encourage their children for fun learning indoor activities, brainstorming activities and inside most physical activities can help them to become more active.



Appropriate diet plans: Set a routine for a daily special diet for your kids by avoiding any kind of oily or heat producing food items. While milk is the most essential source of calcium and other proteins and must be included in every day child’s diet food. Give them season fruits like watermelon, mangoes, etc.

Select a summer camp: If you are a parent with the hectic schedule not getting enough time to spend with your child in summer, then definitely should look for summer camp for children around you. Because summer camp is the place where children learns, eats and play with fellow peers. So this can help you to keep away from your worries regarding child routine in this summer season.


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