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23 April, World Book and Copyright Day

Books are the prominent sources of knowledge, motivation, inspiration, tactics and information. Reading books helps in mentoring an individual’s life and leads to the path of success. It is well said that as a mentor book can be everywhere with us, even sleeps at bedroom and accessible in midnight whenever we look to enrich our knowledge and find solutions for our problems.

23rd April of every year has been celebrated as World book and copyright day since 1995 in the remembrance of most famed author late Miguel de Cervantes (29 September 1547-22 April 1616) on his death anniversary. Apart from this, as mentioned in the Gregorian calendar, 23rd April also signifies the birth and death anniversaries of William Shakespeare, Vladimir Nabokov and Manuel Mejía Vallejo.

UNESCO and rest of the world celebrate this day to dignify the contributions of authors and their books towards the global culture and correlation between books and copyright.

What is copyright?

It is a legal right given to the original creator for some limited time period for his/her creativity which may be a book, articles, logos, pictures, graphics, songs, poetry, films and so on for publishing, distributing and all usage rights. It authorized legally and protect it uses for the author.

Copyright symbol

Tips to celebrate World book and copyright day :

  1. Arrange a book reading session in the classroom and award the best book reader to encourage reading ability.
  2. As a parent take your child to the nearest books shop and give him/her a best knowledgeable book.

  1. Educate students about copyright meaning and usage.
  2. Invite some well-known authors as chief guests of the event and honor them for their creativity and contributions.
  3. Conduct a banner creation session mentioning world book and copyright day.
  4. Create awareness among students about the importance of book reading run a campaign to collect good knowledgeable and resourceful books.
  5. Finally, make aware to your family members and friends about piracy of the books and encourage them to only buy copyright versions, in order to respect and protect someone’s talent and creativity.


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