The Seven Learning Styles.

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Various learning techniques fit different people, as you have heard. The idea of seven learning types backs this up. All of the styles capture a unique quality that can help in knowledge retention.
Each emphasizes one of the five senses or includes a social element. This idea came up because it was thought that, by recognizing a learner’s learning style and tailoring training to it efficiency might be improved.

The idea of individualized learning styles started in the 1970s and since then has influenced education. Neil Fleming’s VARK model is one of the common and widely used frameworks today.

Visual (Spatial)

Do you doodle all the time? You are probably a visual learner if you find it simpler to understand anything represented in a diagram. Visual symbols are used in knowledge or concept maps to communicate knowledge, concepts, thoughts, or ideas, as well as the links between them. Because you may draw links or use color-coding to arrange ideas, these are terrific tools for visual or spatial learners.

Students can focus on meaning, restructure and group similar ideas readily, and use their visual memory to learn by displaying knowledge spatially and using the graphics.

Seven Learning Styles - Visual learner
Seven Learning Styles - Auditory learner

Aural (Auditory-Musical)

You are an auditory learner if you require someone to read something to you loud to grasp it. You must hear the material rather than read it from a book to truly comprehend it. For auditory learners, group conversations are an excellent approach to understanding new concepts.

Auditory learners can detect audible signals such as changes in tone or pitch. 

To mention a few examples, 

When you recall a phone number – an auditory learner will repeat it out loud first and record how it sounded to recall.

Verbal (Linguistic)

Verbal learners are those who find it simpler to communicate their ideas through writing or speech. Writing and reading are two of your favorite activities. You enjoy tongue twisters, rhymes, and other games that play with the meaning or sound of words. Many terms are known to you, and you make an effort to learn more about new words regularly.

Mnemonics, scripting, role-playing, and anything else that requires both speaking and writing are among the techniques utilized by verbal learners.

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Physical (Kinesthetic)

Learning occurs when the student engages in physical activity rather than listening to a lecture or viewing a demonstration in this approach. Those that like kinesthetic learning are referred to as do-ers, and they prefer hands-on learning. Kinesthetic learners account for around 5% of the population.

Logical (Mathematical)

You are a logical learner if you enjoy utilizing your brain for logical and mathematical reasoning. You are good at recognizing patterns and connecting unrelated ideas. To help them better grasp knowledge, logical learners frequently classify and group it.

You are a natural mathematician who can perform various calculations like basic trigonometry on the spot!

Seven Learning Styles - Logical learner
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Social (Interpersonal)

Others like to study in a social or interpersonal setting. A social learner is someone who excels in socializing and communicating with others, both locally and nonverbally.

People frequently approach you to listen and seek guidance. They do so because you appear to be sensitive to their emotions, moods, and even intentions. You pay attention and understand what people are thinking and feeling.

Solitary (Intrapersonal)

If you like to be alone, autonomous, and contemplative, you have a solitary style. When you concentrate on your ideas and feelings without being distracted by others, your attention is at its peak.

Solitary learning is common among authors and academics. Many great performers in a variety of disciplines, however, have a strong foundation.


Seven Learning Styles - Solitary learner

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