Teachers are the main source of knowledge.

Teachers Day - GJR International School - Teachers are the main source of knowledge.

Teachers are the main source of knowledge. They bring light to our life. They are the roots and we are the stems. 

There is always a strong relationship between teachers and students such as the great relationship between Arjuna and Dronacharya. The most special thing about teaching is that it is selfless service. Teaching and learning are continuous processes that don’t have any full stop and it always needs a Guru. So Guru is considered as first to God. 

In our country, teachers are considered Brahma, Vishnu, and Maheshwara. It means that teachers have the supreme power of molding society. As today’s children are tomorrow’s citizens, they should be trained well under the guidance of teachers who are skilled and have good knowledge. They enlighten students to go on the right path in life. 

Its teachers mold us as leaders, doctors, engineers, etc to serve the people and society. They are the builders of society on both a local and global scale. So the teacher’s role is very important, we should always respect our teachers and follow them. They are the backbone of society, role models for the children in guiding and sharing their knowledge.

The country salutes all the teachers who rendered and rendering their service to the nations’ growth. 

Oh, my dear mentor!
Life’s path pointer!!
You make my life happier!!!

Learning and enjoying education!
You are my shining sun!!
You are here to enlighten!!!

You, my life’s foundation!
Your selfless contribution!!
Towards the nation!!!
Cannot be forgotten!!!

You are my TEACHER!
You are my GURU!!

Beautiful poem by Student of GJR International School

GJR International School

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