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At Early Years from Nursery to Upper Kindergarten/K2, we focus on development of happy students in a fun loving, encouraging and stimulating atmosphere. We use a variety of play-based and structured activities with striking a fine balance between both teacher- led and student-initiated inquiries. Play constructs all learning for these young children as it comes spontaneously and it is through play that they develop intellectually, creatively, physically, socially and emotionally.

Curriculum: All the Subjects are taught in a transdisciplinary approach to maximize the understanding and its application to the world we live in. Students also participate in physical education, sensorial development, and behavioural growth. No formal Assessments are conducted, however anecdotal records and formative observational assessments are conducted to understand the learning gaps and take remedial measures in accordance with the child’s potential.

Language Ability

Students are exposed to a balanced literacy approach in the medium of instruction, which focuses on (LSRW) Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing in a structured manner.

Methodical blended approach of sight, sound, recognition and appearance is used based on child’s learning ability so that they apply them to their reading and writing.

Students are exposed to effective reading strategies through guided-reading and read aloud. Guided reading takes place in small groups depending on the student’s readiness.

Phonics is integrated as the students study the alphabet and pronunciations.

The students are exposed to sight words throughout the year and they are guided through writing strategies and practice in journals.

Students are also introduced at an appropriate level, to the mechanics of writing, including letter formation, punctuation, word spacing and word families.

It is our quest to create an environment where children develop a love of reading and writing.

Numerical Ability

Students use an experiential hands-on approach in their development of mathematical concepts.

Manipulatives are used to help in the expanse of understanding and application of mathematical concepts for problem solving.

Building on their knowledge of number sense, time, money, basic geometrical occurrence, patterns, comparisons, sorting, calendar understanding, classifying, critical thinking, and basic concept of addition and subtraction is the prime focus at this level.


Teaching is through thematic units, integrating reading, writing and mathematical concepts.

Personal, Social Skills:

Many of the Early Years activities are focused on development of fine motor skills as these are directly linked to cognitive functions and development of skills

We encourage parents to practice building these skills with clay, cushy balls, tearing paper, pushing across the floor with hands and such activities that build the muscles in the child’s hands and upper body.

Curriculum includes building all the Social Skills required to follow instructions, talk, respond positively, cooperate, respect, empathize and appreciate.