One Nation, One Tax, One Market

Learning GST at GJR International School

‘One Nation, One Tax, One Market’

The economic development of a country depends on the efficient utilization of available resources, which needs the right infrastructure. Funds are mobilized through the collection of various taxes. 
In order to make it convenient to the customers and government, the central government introduced the Goods and Services Tax (GST) on July 1st, 2017.

On the 4th anniversary of the most notable and unprecedented tax reform of the country, the implementation of the Goods and Service Tax (GST), the students of GJR International School organized an awareness campaign to mark the day when GST was made the common taxing pattern for our nation’s economy. 

The commemoration began in the benign presence of our dear Principal Mrs. Neelam Ravi, who complimented the student’s effort of researching and finding out the practical implications of GST in their daily lives.

Learning GST at GJR International School

As a part of their inquiry-based learning, “Government systems develop in need of a society” pupils enthusiastically presented their understanding of different types of taxes, meaning, importance, salient features, and benefits of GST to the government as well as customers. They researched and shared their learning about different countries collecting maximum and minimum GST with fellow students. This interactive session was concluded by conducting a quiz, thus showing the learner’s profile of being a good communicator and thinker.

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