10 day workshop on Composing Music

Anyone can be a Composer! Though it may seem intimidating at first, composing music does not have to be a difficult thing – by the end of this workshop, you'll already have composed your first (and perhaps second and third) piece of music and learn Composing Music. Attend the webinar to know more.

18th May 2021, 3.30 pm

Learn Composing Music

Music Producer - J J Ruban

JJ.Ruban Is an Indian-International Musician, Composer, Performer, Singer–Songwriter, Music Arranger, Pianist, Tutor and Trainer.
His works are noted for integrating Indian classical music and World music with new technology. He was the music arranger for the world famous Shillong Chamber Choir (2012-2016)
Founder of Trinity Media Productions

Learn Composing Music
Learn Composing Music

Music Director - Sunny Raj

Actor /Director /Music Director pursued his Post graduation in Visual communication Loyola college Chennai , After which he joined as an assistant director with Director Cheran, has directed, edited and acted many short films , Expert in street plays, “Saaligrama “his debut film as a music director in Kannada , Expert in music workshops and street plays.