IB Schools to Foster the Attributes of an International-Minded Learners

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IB Schools to foster the Attributes of an International-Minded Learners

It’s not simple to build the qualities of an international learner. It begins with a curriculum that focuses on the abilities required in today’s globalized society and continues with the opportunity to practice these talents in real-world situations. IB Schools address this by offering a curriculum that reflects their focus on promoting inquiry, creativity, knowledge, and interdisciplinary thinking, as well as opportunities for students to study abroad or participate in other programs outside of the classroom context.

This is true not only for students who attend an international school but for anybody who attends a school where learning takes place across boundaries. The more globalized our world gets, the more critical it is to instill these abilities in our children early on so that when they graduate from high school, they will be able to confront a wide range of difficulties with confidence and inventiveness, which will help them thrive in life.

GJR International School cultivates an international mindset in students by offering a curriculum that emphasizes inquiry, creativity, knowledge, and interdisciplinary thinking skills, as well as opportunities for all students to participate in inquiry programs or other enrichment activities outside of school hours.

Below are the attributes of the learner as per the International-Baccalaureate:

  • A communicator can speak in a variety of languages and can express feelings and thoughts. Students overcome difficulties by using their expertise.
  • They are kind and sensitive to the needs and feelings of others. They also demonstrate empathy for others and situations.
  •  They are open-minded, listen to other people’s opinions, and accept that there are several perspectives on issues.
  • They are self-aware of their talents and faults because they are reflective. They establish personal objectives and are conscious of the impact of my actions and words on others.
  • A thinker can use critical and creative thinking skills. They incorporate other people’s ideas while also demonstrating creative thought.
  • An Inquirer is someone who asks a lot of questions, looks for answers, and looks for information on their own.
  • They are well-informed and eager to learn new things and experiment with new concepts. They use active research/inquiry to build meaning.
  • Risk-takers are willing to attempt new things and make errors. They make sound decisions and take action on their initiative.
  • They are honorable and make sound judgments because they are principled. They take ownership of their thoughts and behaviors. They defend what I believe to be the correct course of action.
  • They learn about the benefits of excellent health, time management, and organizational abilities when they are well-balanced. They are aware of their emotions and are learning to control them.
Inquiry-based Learning - Best International School Bangalore.

A genuinely global-minded learner is a multidimensional individual capable of meeting the demands of a globalized environment. IB Schools are dedicated to helping students develop these abilities by providing them with opportunities like study abroad programs and experiential education.

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