How Grade Levels Improve as a Result of Creative Writing

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Many studies have demonstrated that creative writing may help students improve their scores in a variety of courses. It is because creative writing improves students thinking skills while also allowing them to understand more about themselves as writers. If you want to help your child improve their grades, one of the good things you can do is encourage them in creative writing.

Creative writing seems to be the way forward. One such educational institution making waves in the Learning field is GJR International School, the best international school in Bangalore, located at Marathahalli.

What is creative writing?

When someone writes creatively, they can write about whatever they choose, and it doesn’t have to be a true story. Other writing styles frequently leave the reader with facts and information, while creative writing incorporates emotions to create a vivid picture in the reader’s mind. 


Creative writing - Best International School _ GJR International in Bangalore.

Does creative writing help students improve their grades?

As we know that creative writing is an enjoyable method to express oneself, you can see how it might help your child. A student’s academic performance increases when the child has engaged in creative writing. Here are some of the reasons why!

1. Creativity improves school retention rates.

Play, such as creative labor, has been shown to raise serotonin levels, which has been associated with sadness and anxiety.

It also aids in the development of your child’s study habits, as they are more likely to pay attention in class if they are already thinking about their home projects.

2. Creative writing builds confidence in studying.

This kind of writing encourages children to believe in their skills. It helps kids to explore many words and ideas without fear of being evaluated, which may be difficult in school. Children learn how to express themselves creatively via language through the creative process. As a result, they are motivated to study and learn more to express themselves artistically.

3. Communication skill increases

Students learn how to articulate their thoughts effectively and concisely via creative writing. It is critical in the school context, but it is especially crucial in the upper grades when verbal communication skills are more strongly emphasized. Your youngster will be able to speak effectively and get along with other students. It will allow them to both learn from and teach their classmates. As a result, all of the pupils in the area will see an improvement in their grades.

4. Comprehension skill rises

Students are forced to enhance their reading comprehension abilities, as well as their grammatical and vocabulary knowledge by writing. Reading is one of the most crucial skills your child may acquire in school.

5. Exposure to language

It allows pupils to try out several sorts of vocabulary, styles, and sentence patterns. It broadens their worldview by exposing them to more than just reading about what they did that day or explaining who they are as individuals.

Creative writing - GJR International School _ best International School in Bangalore.

It is fun for the kids! Children learn to be more imaginative and develop their views of creative writing. It may also be an excellent approach for those who don’t know each other very well. School grades may be a burden, and writing might help you avoid such thoughts. That is why kids do better in school because they have a stress reliever in the form of creative writing! Kids may transform their writing into a superpower by discovering their writing style, allowing them to be more creative while having fun and doing something they like. So keep encouraging your children.

We at GJR Internation School have taken this step up by providing our students with creative writing methodologies.

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