Friends are the best reason for our smile

Friendship Day - GJR International School

Friends are the best reason for our smile

Friendship Day is coming up again! The idea of Friendship Day was given by Joyce Hall, the founder of Hallmark Cards in the year 1930. Earlier, it was proposed to celebrate Friendship Day on 2nd August by sending greeting cards and other items as holiday celebrations. National Friendship Day occurs every year on the first Sunday of August. This year, it falls on August 1, 2021. Friends come together on this day to exchange gifts and tie friendship bracelets to each other. So, take the time to speak to your friends and spend time with them on this occasion.

In the famous Hindu epic ‘Mahabharata’, Lord Krishna demonstrates the many colors of friendship – affection, brotherhood, protection, guidance, and even teasing. Friendship is all about these and much more. The character of Karna is the embodiment of friendship who is prepared to fight even his brothers for the sack of friendship. Sharing greeting cards and tying friendship bands are some of the popular ways to celebrate Friendship Day around the world.

Friendship is one of the greatest bonds anyone can ever wish for. Lucky are those who have friends they can trust. Friends help us handle stress, make better lifestyle choices that keep us strong, and allow us to rebound from health issues and disease more quickly.

Friendship teaches some valuable lessons that will change your life, love others apart from family, and behave in front of people or friends. Friendships never create bad times; instead, give one the best memories to live upon.

Friendship Day - GJR International School Bangalore.

It is about laughing together on small things, cherishing every moment you share, standing together for each other even when the world turns its backs towards them. It is one of the greatest blessings that not everyone is lucky enough to have. We meet a lot of people in the journey of life but there are only a few who leave a mark on us.

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Who are friends?  This question takes my mind to an indescribable world. For many people, friendship is just a page in their life book and to some, it’s a matter of survival. Friendship is not a complicated topic, it’s not a page or an emotion. It’s life or like I said, a World.

Best friends or friends, there is a difference between friends and best friends, friends help us and show fake love, but best friends show true love. Here is a trick to find if he/she is a best friend, if he/she is always beside you and shows true love then, he/she is a best friend.

A million secrets and a thousand memories with friends are the best part. In school, talking with friends and sharing your feelings helps you calm down. Best friends are there forever.  Best friends are hard to leave. . Best friends are there to wipe our tears. Even the band we tie to our friend shows love. So, on this friendship day, we`ll show extra love and care to our friends

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