Library Infrastructure

Library Infrastructure

We strive to help students connect to literature, inspiring a life-long love of reading. 

School has reading corners in each classrooms, stacked with theme-related resources and year-related fiction to fill in their space moments. We also provide essential library infrastructure for students.

Library Hours

The library is open throughout school hours including Saturday

Early Years section, a place to cherish

Each collection is appropriate to the grades it serves, on the other hand, all students receive instruction in the use of library resources.

The Primary - Middle School library space, a mind palace

Creative activities in reading, story-telling, organizing book clubs, book swaps, author visits, are an integral part of the regular academic curriculum.

For those thrive for more.

We encourage students to make reading a habit by allocating sufficient time in the program schedule. Therefore, Library infrastructure is built according to the student requirements.

Libraries are much more than storage spaces for information. They are dynamic spaces where groups of people come to learn, access resources, and build a life. Librarians are more than keepers of that information. Their wisdom can bring you to the right books, websites, and other materials that you could spend hours discovering on your own. They are informational tour guides.