Best out of waste craft ideas

Teaching reusability to children

Best out of waste craft ideas

  • I made a thank you card using discarded materials-chocolate wrappers, Pista shell, beads, and old golden ribbons. I made some pots from used milk cartons.
  • I made a board game using the old calendar and discarded carton.
  • At our home, we do compost using remix powder, kitchen waste, and microbe powder. We can use the compost for gardening.
  • Reuse – Using rechargeable batteries instead of normal batteries.
    Reduce – Use paper bags (from old newspaper) instead of plastic bags in dustbins.
Teaching reusability to children
Teaching reusability to children
  • I have used a container to plant.


  • waste ice cream sticks to make the photo frame.


  • Rice gunny bag into a shopping carry bag.


  • The empty chocolate box is used to draw my favorite hot wheel car and frame it.


  • Glass bottle to plant.
  • I made a pen stand by reusing ice cream sticks.


  • I made a picture frame by using twigs that are completely biodegradable.
  • I have made a decorative wall hanging with all natural products which don’t pollute the environment.
  • I have recycled old plastic soda bottle to grow plants.
  • I have reused a one-time used plastic food container to plant fenugreek seeds.
Teaching reusability to children

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