The Perfect Place for Me

The Perfect Place for Me - GJR International School in Bangalore.

The perfect place for me

We all are attending online classes and learning various things right, So in this article, I’ll be writing my experience of my learning and online classes.


Now while attending online classes I love the way we learn. You might be thinking “why?” Well because in online classes we interact a lot, we do many things like Skits/Role-plays, presentations, Creative writings, etc.… Interactive classes are the best, because of the way we discuss and learn.


Wait, talking about learning I would like to write about that. As an IB student, I am telling you that I love PYP inquiry-based learning. I like doing inquiry-based learning because we go step-wise in learning which makes the learning much easier to understand. We learn using strategies (Visible thinking tool), student agencies (Voice-Choice-Ownership), and more, which I love doing.


We also get to design our learning engagements. Another reason why I feel this is good is that we get to involve in the topic, integrate it with other subjects, and figure out how to implement it in our daily lives. We have (F.A.s) Formative assessment to assess us on a topic we have learned in the theme and (S.A.s) Summative assessments to assess our understanding of the entire theme at the end of the inquiry which includes integrations with other subjects.

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