8 ways storytelling benefits kids

Do you remember how eagerly we used to wait for the grandmother’s storytelling sessions? It was fun listening to those stories. It stimulated curiosity and imagination in us. Arouse a sense of connection with the characters in the story. It was entirely magical. 

Even today, we remember most of the stories we heard in our childhood. That is because of the impact those stories created on our minds. At school, I recall those moral story sessions once a week. The moral of the story was simply conveyed to us. Most of the big life lessons we have learned through stories in our childhood. 

For example: 

The boy who cried wolf – Moral learned ‘Lying breaks trust’!

The golden touch – Moral learned ‘Greed will always lead to downfall’!

Storytelling has been the most powerful tool to teach kids the much-needed lessons of life. It has been scientifically proven that storytelling has the power to engage, influence, teach and inspire the listeners. There are many benefits of storytelling that science has proved.

Implant morality in kids –

Storytelling is one of the best ways to tell kids about the good practices they should adopt. The instances in the story help kids to relate to the real-time situation hence improving their analytical skills. 

Improves their listening skills – 

It is highly difficult to hold on to a kid’s attention for a longer time. A story can evoke curiosity in them, thus improving their listening skills.

Boost their imagination –

As we narrate a story, kids form their story pitch in their heads. Every word shapes a picture in their minds. Their imagination of the characters and plots gets intensified and creates a deep impact on them. 

Increases cultural awareness –

A kid must have a model in front of them to relate to and understand anything new. A narrator can give the storytelling an elevation by going into details about the character’s appearances, their behavior, the plot, and the theme which makes it easy for kids to adopt and follow them.

Enhances their communication skills –

Storytelling is a way of expressing or communicating a sequence to kids. While listening to a story, kids are also learning how they can express themselves.

Enhances vocabulary and helps them retain for a longer time –

Storytelling is entertaining and at the same time, helps kids to gain knowledge. One of the important aspects is vocabulary. The more the kids read or listen to stories, the more they learn new words and their meanings. 

Improves memory –

According to Neuroeconomics Studies at Claremont Graduate University, stories capture attention compared to any other form of information because they leave a physical and emotional trace in the brain. 

Strengthen child’s thinking and questioning skills – 

It is a human tendency to gain knowledge in subjects that interests us. As the child exuberantly listens to the story and processes the information, the child might want to know more details and come up with questions. Thus storytelling improves reasoning and questioning skills. 

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August 2022