8 ways storytelling benefits kids

Adopting healthy habits is very important for every human. All of us have learned some
habits from childhood. We follow these habits effortlessly. They are part of our daily routine.
They help us stay clean and healthy, confident and motivated throughout our lives.

When our children are born, we must teach them some good habits they will practice their
entire life. Teaching kids the healthy habits are essential for them to have a good-quality life
in the future. Parents play a significant role in the process.

The best time to start teaching kids these healthy habits is when they are young. Help them
understand how these habits will be beneficial to them in a long run.

Early to bed and early to rise
2. Brushing teeth twice a day
3. Washing hands frequently
4. Eating veggies and fruits
5. Drinking lots of water
6. Reducing screen time
7. Indulging in physical activities
8. Reading books
9. Spending quality time with family
10. Stay positive

Early to bed and early to rise – There is a popular saying by Ben Franklin, “Early to bed, and
early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise” It is actually true. From antiquity,
many gurus have preached this, and it is scientifically proven, that the person who wakes up
early is a lot more productive and successful than the rest. It also helps you stay positive and
proactive. A person who grabs 6 to 9 hours of good sleep has better health and control over
his routine. 
As kids, when they inculcate this habit, it will stay with them throughout their lives helping
them lead a good life.

Brushing teeth twice a day – Dental health matters. You know plaque grows continuously in
your mouth. Plaque is nothing but bacteria formed because of the food particles left in your
mouth. The production of this bad bacteria will lead to bad breath and yellow deposits on
your teeth.

Who doesn’t want a good smile? 
Rinsing your mouth after every meal can also help you reduce the production of plaque.
Remember, when you flash a sparkling smile, it not only helps you stay positive but also
spreads positivity around you.

Washing hands frequently – You have to religiously follow this habit to avoid the spreading
of germs or dirt from one place to another. A few scenarios where you have to wash hands
without fail are:
–  after using the toilet
– before and after food
– after playtime
– after coughing or blowing your nose
– after playing with animals
– every time you come back home from outside

Often, we forget to wash our hands after using phones and computers. We recommend
keeping your mobile screen and laptop screen clean to avoid germs growing on these

Eating veggies and fruits – Veggies and fruits are a good source of vitamins and minerals.
Avoiding eating fresh vegetables and fruits is an invitation to diseases. Each meal you
consume must have a vegetable or a fruit of about 80g. This helps in keeping a good balance
of vitamins and minerals in your body.

Drinking lots of water – Drinking water can help you flush the toxins in your body. It helps
you in keeping your kidneys and heart in good condition, your digestion intact, and your
body hydrated. Keep in mind that a hydrated body helps your skin look healthy and glowing.
Water is essential in keeping your hormones balanced. Now coming to the quantity of water,
it depends on what weather conditions you live in. In normal scenarios the following quantity
of water is ideal.
– 5 to 8 years old – 1 liter 
– 9 to 12 years old – 1.5 liters
– 13 years and above – 2 lite

Reducing screen time – With the advancement in technology and increase in usage of
computers and mobile phones, humans are prone to get addicted to these screens. Especially,
with kids it is much more dangerous as the radiation of these screens can affect their eyesight
and overall mental and physical health. We understand that avoiding the screens entirely is
not possible in the current situation. The best way to do this is to adopt a few healthy habits
or hobbies. A few of them are mentioned in this article below.

Indulging in physical activities – Sports, cycling, dancing, swimming, and gardening are all
considered to build your child’s health. Having your child get into one of the sports or
mentioned activities will not only help them learn a new skill but reduce their screen time.
Moreover, these are fun activities that help them increase their brain function, and
concentration, and improve time management skills.

Reading books – Did you know this? Reading books can strengthen your brain. It is
scientifically proven that reading involves a complex network of circuits and signals in the
brain. The more you read, the more you are causing your brain network activity, making it
function faster and wiser. 
One more benefit of reading books is it builds your vocabulary. A student with effective
communication skills is always preferred by the top universities and colleges. Companies hire
people with good vocabulary and language. Reading books is the best way to get better
exposure to new words.

Spending quality time with family – Having a good time with your loved ones enhances your
positive perspective, builds confidence, and strengthens emotional security. Encourage kids
to have at least one meal with the family, take out time from your busy schedule and play
with your kids, read books to kids, or involve them in cooking a meal or any activity that
encourages kids to spend quality time with family helps them to become strong individuals.

Stay positive – Building an environment that encourages your kids to stay motivated in any
situation is very essential for the development of a positive attitude. Provoke them to
participate in all the activities they come across. Winning should not become the motto of

participation. Remember, recognition by parents plays a crucial role in building a kid’s

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