The Educators

Efficient teachers make great schools. We would not be a successful team without the men and women, who teach, coach, mentor, comfort, and celebrate our young scholars. 

Our Team

The school team fosters an independent and responsible attitude towards work. The experienced and qualified faculty and administration are a collaborative community of experienced professionals well-trained in the unique opportunities to educate and inspire students who learn differently in a school environment.

They are empowered to adopt the well-researched approaches of student-centric teaching and Learning Practices based on individualistic needs and Multiple Intelligence.

Teachers work with the students at their pace, emphasising on conceptual understanding, feedback and revisiting the learning gaps.

What makes an Effective Team at GJR School?

Creates the Space for Learning

We create opportunities for learning with and from each other. We’re a curious bunch and there’s so much to learn and do in education.

Believe in Healthy Conflict

If we disagree about ideas, there’s constructive dialogue and dissent, and our thinking is pushed.

The Team knows why it Exists

We come together as a team to support each other, learn from each other, and identify ways to better meet the needs of not just our own grade students but whole school. The purpose is relevant, meaningful, and clear.

Share Speed of Trust

In order for there to be trust, within a strong team we see equitable participation among members and shared decision-making along with tolerance and empathy.