Student Support

In pursuit of – “For Each To Excel”

GJR International School’s Inclusive Education policy helps to support students in all spheres of learning as our aim is to foster academic confidence and independence in every individual. Learning is an active, dynamic process. Constant change and growth occurs in each student day-to-day as well as year-to-year. With strategies woven into regular class routines, students develop the necessary skills to be confident and successful learners.

We focus specifically on a student’s unique area of challenge. Differentiated learning ensures there is no ceiling set to learning.

Individualized Learning Program (ILP)  

Individualized Learning Program serves students who benefit from small group, individual instruction and flexible programming. Where required, students are placed in small groups or individually helped by grade teachers/ specialists by providing written and verbally structured numerical or language specific challenges.

 Student Counselling

The School has access to counselling assistance designed to serve and assist the unique needs of students on campus.

Mentoring and Peer support

Parents can collaborate with school and volunteer to be mentors assisting teachers in differentiated learning and instructions or to assist in specific events. Students who are doing well in class are encouraged to help peers who are having difficulty.