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Developing a life long learning attitude.

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GJR International School

At GJR International School, we strive to achieve the highest Global standards in teaching and learning to promote spiritual, intellectual, physical, and social growth. A spearheading 360 Degree all-round approach helps develop students’ life-long learning skills.

Early Years (IBPYP)

At Early Years from Nursery to Upper Kindergarten/K2, we focus on development of happy students in a fun loving, encouraging and stimulating atmosphere.

Primary & Junior(IBPYP)

Students are encouraged to work in group settings to problem-solve and answer questions. These skills are the hallmarks of successful members of society.

Senior School (CBSE)

The Curriculum is dynamic and responsive – it evolves, responds and develops in accordance with the needs of our students and contemporary research
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Most frequent questions and answers

GJR International School is built on a promise that every student will be known by name, strength, and need and will acquire the conceptual knowledge, skills and confidence to pursue his/her dreams rationally. We Support sustainability and diversity in all aspects of school life. School Curriculum is student centric and inquiry based rooted in well researched Differential Learning and Multiple Intelligence to make the students solve problems creatively. Ensuring right balance of extracurricular activities and academics is a part of everyday inclusive learning environment.

Pre-Primary Years and Primary School till Grade 6 Follow Experiential Inquiry-based methodology aligned to International Primary Years Programme. The syllabus followed is within the guidelines of the National Curriculum Framework to assist in the easy transition in Middle and High School to any National or International Board in High School and Secondary school.

At Middle and Senior School, the curriculum focuses on independent research-based learning aided by a multidisciplinary approach, building in-depth knowledge of subjects and focussing on problem-solving higher order thinking Skills.

IB International Baccalaureate (IB), formerly the International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO), is an international educational foundation headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland and founded in 1968

It offers 3 educational programs, namely

  • PYP or Primary year program for KG to Class-5
  • MYP or Middle year program for Class-6 to Class-10
  • DP or Diploma program for Class-11 and Class-12

An IB education is unique because of its rigorous academic and personal standards. IB programmes challenge students to excel not only in their studies but also in their personal growth. The IB aims to inspire a lifelong quest for learning hallmarked by enthusiasm and empathy.

All prospective parents should cooperate and understand that:

GJR International School’s admissions process is strictly managed in order to be fair, transparent and in line with the values and ethos of the School.

No payment of any type, except those set out in the fees schedule, will be requested by anyone associated with the school. No payments for school fees are allowed in cash.

We are open to all in the community who accept our school culture, values and educational approach with an open mind and are willing to cooperate with us to provide the best Educational environment to the students.

Age criteria are strictly followed as per the National Education guidelines.

Preference is given to the students who live in the proximity of the school and siblings of the students.

Students applying for admission from Grade 6th  to  11th have to take up an assessment  in Math, English and Science.